Orca H-15

ORCA Foiler GP Series


The new era of sailing – foiling - a thrilling show

The Time Has Come – For sailing to adopt the strategies and business model that have made Formula 1 a huge success in Motorsport. We have created the sailing equivalent of the Ferrari –  the H-15 Orca, a distillate of performance, technology beauty and passion. Not only is it a work of art but it is the key ingredient for a winning combination of factors that have proven essential to all commercially successful mechanical sports. The objective is to single-mindedly pursue the creation of a fascinating and compelling spectacle that can attract fans and viewers worldwide.

Media and technology hand in hand to create high value

The project has its origins in discussions held decades ago with media companies. At the time the technological hurdles were insurmountable but now we can offer extreme performance combined with efficient logistics, and scalable footprints to deliver the previously undeliverable. Together with potential stakeholders we are creating high value media content and hospitality revenues. Foiler GP Series projected revenues mimic the revenue mix currently generated by Formula 1: both digital and broadcast media rights, corporate hospitality and sponsorship/partnerships.

What have long been considered the Holy Grail for Media is enabled by the boat’s characteristics. Extremely sophisticated, the boat is forged using advanced digital design and engineering tools. Meticulous work, determination and technical acumen is paramount in extracting winning performance from it. Fundamentally a microcosm of today’s innovation environment where corporations and nations compete – the format showcases all the values and qualities which are dear to corporate sponsors and stakeholders.

A squadron of sailing super stars inspiring the public

Top level professional sailors from the AC, Volvo Ocean Race and Vendee Globe have seen and appreciated the concept and are eager to sail it. The most fortunate have tested it and look forward to joining the circuit. A highly complex, spectacular, and exclusive single hander the boat can highlight and flatter the sailor like no other – it can create superstars and facilitate popular recognition of sailors without dilution- 100% pure. One man, one machine – albeit with a fully professional support team behind it – just like formula 1 with similar level of commercial value.

Enjoying support of most prestigious venues and galvanizing installed base of adepts and institutions worldwide, the team created a win-win situation for all: the media distributors, the institutional authorities, the participating venues, the governing bodies of sailing, teams, sponsors and athletes. The Foiler GP Series creates a great sailing travelling circus that will put on a show the public will love to see.

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